By: DauernZeile~


The world fades a little when autumn leaves;
bare and unshaded the gray cold descends.
Upon a changing world the cool wind thieves
the beauty where color begins and ends.
In the autumn woods leaves whisper their vows.
Whispering how meek and gentle life can be
glory falls slowly when heaven allows
the heart a moment of eternity.
Whistling unabated through the limbs
divinity shapes how beauty will end.
What life created, glory flares, then dims
all the rich beauty that autumn will lend.
Gentle sunlight through the fringes waning
the legacy of a divine fall day.
Crisp leaves descending with few remaining,
hastening what the heart wants to delay.
Shimmering yellow leaves seem so cold,
when the earth is calm and the sky is clear.
Imperial heart what all do you hold,
when the seasons fail to measure the year.
Blanketing earth with gentle dreams of rest
where brilliant beauty once appeared so grand.
Hope springs eternal when we know we’re blest,
sharing our dreams with the silent land.