By: Dreadlox33~

Ships Log; Sanctum.

The Year of Our Lord 1671…Day 11.

We are recovering from a brutal storm

And taking stock of food and provisions

…and a death count.

Most of the men

Have been contemplating the tea leaves.

I will write more when my broken hand heals.


Ships Log; Sanctum…Day 21.

We do not know what island

On which the hurricane

Has run us aground

And caste us this irreversible fate

…not that it would matter.

Out of 57 men only 24 remain alive.

Some from drowning;

Some from gangrene.

I fear we will see the madness of God’s fury

Before it is over.


The island has some fresh water and fruit

But due to our circumstances

…cannot sustain us indefinately.

At night the stars hang so low

You could prick them with your finger.


Ships Log; Sanctum…Day 38.

Seven more died last week.

Only 15 of us have survived our ordeal thus far.

Captain Aguiera is also a casualty.

He tried preserving what was left

Of the brine and sustainable food

…and medicines.

As captain that was his responsibility

…but he was stabbed and left bleeding.

Some of us tried to comfort him

As best we could…but a cloudy gaze

of lunacy is beginning to shroud

Its dementia into the eyes

Of some of the surviving crew.

Before dying he asked that all Gods

Creatures be forgiven.


If my strength allows it

I will try to give him a proper burial.

I’ll have more trouble forgiving them.


Ships Log; Sanctum…Day 46

The remaining crew is left at 8 now.

I have long given up on referring to

Those of us that are alive

As the lucky ones…for we are not alive.

There is nothing left to eat now

And our minds are numb and harsh

…like jagged saw blades.

We have resorted to cannibalism

And in doing so

…drawing for straws.

Those of us in right mind that were baptized

Fear what God will say to us

Upon arrival to his kingdom.

I hope he has room for me

…for I am part of what is evil and unholy here.


Ships Log; Sanctum…Day 51

I drew the short straw last night.

Last Entry.

They are coming for me.


~ …ian

~ 6-7-13

~ Dark Poetry