By: Cally2001~


Left to dangle with just your name,
yet I could hear your call, feel your need.
In the light of what could have been,
destiny now shivers with impulse.
You lie in the back of my mind,
enfolded beneath my pages of time;
locked between shadows and the wind,
and whispers suspended in my thoughts.
Summer fades from the mountain tops
to engage with a cool autumn breeze,
that fills the earth with floating leaves
on grass that is wet with morning dew.
When distant drums of thunder sound
I will remember, what could have been,
and I will feel your silhouette
move invisibly through the night air.
As rain weeps on my window ledge,
I will wrap myself in the blanket
of my dreams, and leave my signature
on the scent of autumn leaves.
Orania Hamilton