By: Raven BlackRose~
a lingering memory

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, scatter me to the winds.
Judge me not my friend, for I already know my sins.

Don’t shed a tear, don’t mourn my loss, just simply let me go.
To drift along on a gentle breeze, to somewhere I don’t know.

Think of me, when you feel the rain, fall upon your face.
Or watch the river flow, on it’s never-ending race.

Remember me, when you smell a night jasmine bloom.
Or simply watch a butterfly emerge from his cocoon.

Feel my arms around you, in the gentleness of a breeze.
Know that I watch over you, as it gently stirs the leaves.

For it’s here that I will remain, it’s where I choose to be.
Existing in all that surrounds you, as a lingering memory.