By:  EyeOfTheTiger2u7~

For my Country tears I shed
Never more to be misled
I have done my duty
For what I think is right
My Nations Flag
Never out of sight
For Country I have bled
Until the stream ran red
What I give so others live
To some a Heroes song
It’s all for thee for Liberty
And this Nation we belong
Fret not for me in infamy
Sorrow is short lived
I did what I had to do
This was mine to give
Memories they linger
From the Battlefield
My friends are long gone
They carry a Battle Shield
An Old Soldiers Lament
That lasts for ever more
Tribute to the Uniform
That he proudly wore
Loyally he served
Beside the very best
In the arms of the Lord
Finally put to rest
Never more to be forgotten
Lest we not forget
And I quote
” Old Soldiers never Die “
” They just Fade Away “
( General Douglas MacArthur -1880-1964)

Poetry Scroll Collection

May 23 2013 ©