By:  EyeOfTheTiger2u7~

In this poetic rhapsody
Words linger in my mind
Like a song without a melody
Written down in rhyme
The words that we capture
As the visions unfold
Caught up in the rapture
These verses must be told
Like a painter with his easel
Color splashed upon a canvas
So are the words so fragile
In the memory as they pass
With pen in hand set to paper
Ink flows from the well
Simple words that we favor
Many verses left to tell
As the lines go drifting by
Fading out of sight
It is ours to do or die
To write with all our might
Now it all ends it seems
As the lamp grows dim
Like a candle as it gleams
This is but a poets dream

Poetry Scroll Collection

March 24 2014 ©