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Spock Told Us All long ago … “Live Long & Prosper”…
Leonard Nimoy seemed to do just that !!

He moved from Spock to Director, To Photographer,

to Poet and yet again To Author

slipping from one into the other seamlessly

Then Back Again 



From a Vulcan with next to no emotion 

To a man with a Warm and Engaging Smile 


PATIENCE…      (Warmed by Love)

The seasons pass,
The seed sprouts.
The young branches begin to form,
To reach out for new experiences,
New contacts,
To test their strength
In the wind.
To examine their size and shape
As a child discovers
Its own hands and feet.

               Speed is glory.
               Speed is fame and fortune.
               Speed is a gold medal.
               Speed is honor.
               Speed is success.

              Speed is a thief.


Some will rush about in preparation.
Some will struggle through the gate.
Some climb to be at the highest place.
And yet,

                 we shall all be born,

All will move about
In time

And space.

              Life comes and goes.

              Laughter of the past
              Rings through empty hallways.


              The seasoning is bitter sweet.

Searching for me,
I wander
Through a house of mirrors.


I see a myriad of images,
But none are mine.


Only distorted reflections
Of a stranger.

Someone I’ve met
But don’t really know.

I cry out my name,
But the hollow echo that responds
Tells me I must wait.


It is not yet time.

I am not alone.
There are times when I think I am,
Feel like I am
Alone and lost.
But as the river bends,
And the drifting traveler
Sees the unfolding of new vistas,
New Horizons,
New landmarks,
I find a new communion
With the turn of time,
A new sense of
Universal connection.

And then …
One day in the spring of my life
The buds and the blossoms appear

I am alive

                    I am here

I have joined the earth
Like a tidepool …

Filled by mist
And the great waves.
Giving of myself

To the air and the earth,
Living at peace
With the sun and moon.
Cousin to the fog and rain.

                  The melody is simple

                     and the words are sweet.


Leonard Nimoy


I am an incurable romantic (A Lifetime of Love) 

I am an incurable romantic

I believe in hope, dreams and decency


                     I believe in love,
                     Tenderness and kindness.


I believe in mankind.

                    I believe in goodness,
                    Mercy and charity
                    I believe in a universal spirit
                    I believe in casting bread

                   Upon the waters.

                         I am awed by the snow-capped mountains
                         By the vastness of oceans.

                              I am moved by a couple
                             Of any age – holding hands
                             As they walk through city streets.

                       A living creature in pain
                       Makes me shudder with sorrow
                       A seagull’s cry fills me
                       With a sense of mystery.

                             A river or stream
                             Can move me to tears
                             A lake nestling in a valley
                             Can bring me peace.


Leonard Nimoy

Untitled 1

You and I       (Warmed by Love + A Lifetime of Love)

In my heart
Is the seed of a tree
Which will be me

Nourished by understanding
Warmed by friends

Matured by wisdom
Tempered by tears…


Leonard Nimoy


100417-nimoy-vlg-10a.grid-4x2Leonard Nimoy 

3-26-1931 – 2-27-2015

Now your memory will…

Live Long and Prosper


I have walked alone  (Warmed by Love)

I have walked alone
  Seeking answers


I have lived alone
  Chasing dreams


I have tried
  To prove my worth
To worthless judges


I have cried my pain
  In silent screams


I have been
  Sometimes served
  A touch of kindness


I have wandered
  In golden fields
                  Of Grace


I have been
  Released by honest


I have touched
  The Western Wall
  Of the Holy place.


I have soared
   Above the cloud heads

I have walked 
  The deep dark
      Tunnels of earth


I have dined
  With mystics
    And with prophets


I have heard
  The pain of woman
      Giving birth


I have been
  Sought after
    As a teacher


I have been
    The laurel wreath


I have heard
  The thunder blast
     Of sunrise


I have watched
  The final touch
    Of death


       I have played
           The rules
             set by the master
       Though often I didn’t
          Understand the game


      I have worn
          More masks than
             I remember


     I have been
          A face without
             A name


            And when
            Like you
              I ask
                  The final question


                      Who on earth
                        Am I supposed
                          To be?


            I always
            Come full circle
               To the answer

                     Only me

                     Always me . . .

                   Leonard Nimoy

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