carnivaliFirst Place

The Maltese Turkey


Out my office window, rain slicked streets look like the La Brea tar pits,
a skim of H2O hides the cesspool below waiting for a sucker to sink into it.
A hasty cab screamed up to the curb and offloaded one tasty set of curves.
She climbed the stairs, knocked and I offered her a chair.
“Is it miss or misses?” I asked tryin’ to keep cool despite my wishes.
With a billboard smile she offered, “Miss Vera La Flame is my stage name.
Being alone here causes a nice girl unease,
could we take this to a bar, pretty please?
Do you know Lullaby’s bar? It isn’t too awfully far.”
I shoulda’ listened to my head’s nagging voice,
but staring down her blouse gave me no choice.
She was tryin’ to act tough by cracking wise
While I thought, “Bet she cracks coconuts with those thighs”
I tell ya’ I was getting hypnotized
Lucious, full lips, a face that could launch a thousand ships
and I was dreaming about the way she wiggled those hips
She certainly had her fat in all the right places
and a butt that was meant to sit on other people’s …chairs
with lovely, gossamer, platinum blonde hair.
A suicide blonde understand? You know, dyed by her own hand.

Took a short ride to the speak-easy joint in her cab.
She told the barkeep “make it a special, put it on his tab.”
We took a booth. She spilled,
seems there may be a guy she ’accidently’ killed,
at the end of Mullholland Drive, she needed to know if he was alive
or if he was a stiff at the base of the cliff.
He had a contract to hit her but she got off the first shot
and made a clean get away just to thicken the plot,
But she had to be sure if she’d served him up a lead poison cure.
He was a thug, no good mug, a lousy crook
and could I “pretty please take a look?”
I almost couldn’t hear with her tongue in my ear.
Seemed like a pain in the neck, but what the heck?
I finished my drink, spilled hers, some drunk’s at the bar,
Jeez! the exit seemed really far.
I started toward the door, but my feet couldn’t find the floor.

Detective Murphy woke me with a slap.
I asked “What happened?” He answered “Shut yer trap!”
“Found you with a ventilated mobster, you were holding the gun.
What’s yer side of the story? Better make it a good one, son.”
“Murph, I don’t know how I got here, a lot of it’s unclear,
some dame, name of La Flame,
musta’ slipped me a mickey, watch her Murph,
she’s got a swell set of curves but she’s diabolically tricky.”
Look, I know my story’s got gaps,
you gotta’ believe me, she played me for a sap.”
“It explains lipstick on your face an’ marked bills of bank job cash
but the gun in your hand? Better come up with the rest of the stash.”
“Ya’ gotta listen, I tell ya’, I was framed.”
“Could be Sam, but the DA’s still gonna hang you with the blame.”
Yeah, they tightened the screws, convicted me of murder two.
Seems Vera has left the building, changed her name and left the stage.
Bought a Hollywood Hills mansion while I’m stuck in this cage.
Now her parties are all the rage with pols, judges and DA’s
Oh, don’t worry, in thirty years I’ll get outta’ this joint someday
and then Miss LaFlame? Well, she’s gotta a bar tab to pay.


© Seamus.



Second Place

The View from a Broad 

Yeah, I saw the way she slid right in
(I see it all from center stage)
pacing around, her eyes sharp and bright
like a panther in a cage.

All the fellas were staring at me
(I’m a singer with the band)
’til Red walked in, had ’em hypnotized
by waving her little hand.

Nah, I ain’t jealous, whaddaya, crazy?
(guns like these get their share of attention)
but I’ve seen her around. she’s done some things
a lady ought not to mention.

Ha! Lucky for you, I ain’t no lady!
(I may be blonde, but stupid I ain’t)
guys drool for the girls with dresses so tight
they fit like a coat ‘a paint.

A straight up man eater, that what she is
(gives us honest girls a bad name)
he shoulda known when she flashed her garters
he was playin’ a losing game.

Yeah, he was gorgeous with muscles to spare
(and he had hair like a movie star!)
But man, I knew it was all she wrote
when he gave her the keys to his car.

Yeah…I saw the way she played that sap
(from the stage there’s not much I miss)
he gambled on her, and lost ev’ry cent.
High price for one little kiss.


© DeborahLee Foley.


 bw3Third Place


 “Ok Mr. bartender give me every detail

About what you observed last night.”
“To solve this case , in order to prevail
Tell me about it and it better be right.”

“That dame you saw with the gentleman
Did she look kinda sophisticated?”
“Did she whisper in his ear any plan?
And was there any chance he hesitated?”

“Was she wearing a white stole of mink?
Diamonds on her wrists and neck?”
“With her eyelashed eye did she wink?
Did they both sneak out the back?”

The bartender replied, “Yes, yes, yes,
Yes, yes,yes, and no for sure.”
“She had on a silk lace dress
But they left through the front door.”

Tell me, “Did you happen to catch his name?”
Was he dressed in a grey pin striped suit?
Was he entranced by that brassy dame?
Was the drink in her glass sweet vermouth?

“Yes, yes, yes, yes.” the drink jockey replied.
“I am sure they had a rendezvous.
He tipped me a hundred bill in my pocket inside.
But where they went I sure have no clue.”

So the gumshoe tipped him a crisp Hamilton
Said to him, “I was never here, right?
But here’s my card call me if you see him son”
Back to Vegas he went on a redeye flight.

What happened to them is still all allegory
Of a Brassy Dame, a gangster, a private dick, here ends my story.




blog b n w

Dangerous lady


Dangerous lady
she is,

Waiting in late night hour
She is on this 12:00 pm train

With long flowing hair
Concealed under a hat
Dark red pursed lips

A hired assassin
Quick with a gun and a kiss
Deadly aim with killer legs
Her haunting coal eyes

You are smitten by her charm
She is cold and calculated
45 caliber hidden in her garter

A cat and mouse game with her
Will end with one standing

I have to board this train
My life in her hands
By morning I will have
Confess my love for her

In my heart I know what is true
I am a hired assassin
with love in my heart

They call me a” Dangerous man”
A man in love with a
Dangerous woman


© Tribalman



“never play with fire”

(Blu Noir, Private Eye) 


If you’re reading this
I’m no longer around
It’s a note I left
I hope its found”

For the record’s sake
I’ll give my side
About the crowded bar
And the girl who lied

On a cold phone
I took the call
When life was hard
And hope was small

When life is slippy
you gamble cares
So I slid down
way down the stairs

I was chasing dues
much time to kill
all the stress
was telling
making me ill

My dog had died
And that was that
He started a fight
With some mean cat

My lease was up
and life got steep
finance drove away
with my off-road jeep

Then she pulls up
In her sweet wheels
Twas a rainy night
But I saw her heels

Don’t know why
the cold bloods run
she was packin’ a poet
number one

“The name’s false
She said confessin’
tracing the butt
Of her Smith and Wesson

The real deal she
The broad was tough
Her eyes were black
As old Macduff

Over a cold one
She got me hot
I liked her legs
I liked her a lot

Her place (I guess)
Followed that drink
The place was cool
At least I think

She said “they call you…
Noir Blu”
The only man
To beat a
boy called Sue

I said that true
I said that’s right
He broke my nose
But I won the fight

I captured rapture
then I Lost my spleen
To a Floridian Cop
They called Caillin

and Anyway
The chick
knew the score
And what to say

Suddenly a party
Arrived at my back
a blow to my head
And my world went Black

A shadow’s pen
Drew my end
A shallow grave
With a gun for a friend

So on this note
My lighter sang
I drew last breath

..and heard the bang


© Ruairi.





What, that maroon?
He sure had it coming,
couldn’t see nothing
shootin’ straight down the plumbing.

Good looking? Puh-lease!
A dame will go cuckoo
when a guy fills the doorway
like a house wearing new shoes.

Yeah he was tall,
like a twin has a brother,
ya’ know what I mean
Captain ask-me-another?

Me? No, not really,
no beef I remember
‘cept maybe the world
an’ a few of it’s members.

Relax you old gumshoe,
I’m just pulling your leg.
axt nice an’ you’ll see
I’m a real decent egg.

His suit, how should I know?
I’m no Dapper Dan Smiley,
can’tcha see these old togs
ain’t quite livin’ like Riley?

The music was lousy
I remember that much,
the band were all losers
with a real hammy touch.

The drinks are all watered
and the mater dee cheats,
you hand him a ten-spot
an’ still get bad seats.

It was dark, it was smoky
and my eyes ain’t so good,
maybe slip me a fin
to recall like I should…

Thanks, you’re a gent
you’re a man among men,
Now what was I saying? Right–
who,what,where, when.

Yeah she was classy and brassy
and swell,
God knows why she chose
to walk into
this hell.

That’s all I can tell you
now beat it you Dick,
that last beer looked greenish
I’m about to be sick.





The Death of the Brassy Dame

(Form: Line Messaging)

The brassy dame was there of course
The night that we assume she died.
My mom-in-law was home that night,
my husband sitting by her side.

I came to see the brassy dame
whose charms had led my man astray.
My derringer was on my thigh
and no man’s hands would get that high.

I’d planned to shoot the brassy dame
and end her husband stealing game;
My husband’s alibi was tight
I failed that task for which I came.

The husky stranger whisked her out
a victim of her musky lust;
My presence here my alibi
is one that everyone will trust.

That Cadillac was not so new
and Thomas lived upon a hill.
A funny thing about the brakes
when they do fail, then speed can kill.

He knew my husband had a thing
and might just be inclined to fight.
How do you suppose Thomas chose
to troll for brassy dames that night?

I can’t say I was upset much
When he re-set the game I guess.
A little tweak is all it takes
to change the nature of the mess.

A brassy hussy and her hunk
deceased together due to haste.
I let it slip I must suppose
a piece of luck to good to waste.


© Lawrencealot – January 3, 2015

For your convenience, here are the results of Line Messaging.
This is the conclusion of the poem if you now merely read of the number 3 lines from each stanza.

My mom-in-law was home that night,
My derringer was on my thigh
My husband’s alibi was tight
My presence here my alibi

A funny thing about the brakes
How do you suppose Thomas chose?
A little tweak is all it takes
I let it slip I must suppose.



Its Never What It Seems To Be 

Scanning the room as she strolled in
Wearing a smile and beautifully alone
Checking her messages her eyes lit up
From the light of her cellular phone

They must have spoken earlier
In some kind of sensual game
Maybe in the message she checked
And she only had a name

The music they seemed to follow
His steps in perfect time
Approaching her he smiled
Like partners in a crime

She put a smoke up to her lips
Her fingers requesting fire
He motioned to the tender
A drink or two he’ll buy her

Whispers passed between them
Their passion had just begun
His coat flew open when he bowed
I saw the holster of the gun

I wondered then who he was
And why he had a piece
A cop, a crook, a killer
Surely a no good beast

I would of tried to stop them
I planned on getting in the way
But when I tried to stand up, sir
I over heard him say….

He had the money she asked for
it was in the trunk of his car
He told her to go with him
and it wasnt very far

Can you tell me what happened
or if she is okay?
I think I could have stopped him
but I hurt my back that day

He told me with the biggest smile
She wasnt who she seemed to be
Wanted for many criminal acts
but mostly she was a he

She took him to her hideaway
overpowering him in a fight
She killed him with a smile
and a twelve inch butcher knife


jarea poet



The “Dame”


I knew exactly who I was looking for,
“She” was a regular at the Bar.
I strolled in, drenched from the downpour,
long brassy tendrils, sitting by the tip Jar.

I shucked my jacket wet from the rain,
inhaled, the stale smoke and cheap whiskey.
Empty barstool, next to the ancient barkeep,
twixt “Her” and silk stockings, breathing frisky.

I my astounded, instant heat from head to toe,
I had my work cut out for me, that was sure.
Pretending to ignore this magnificent woman,
a deal with the devil she must have bought allure.

She leaned over and whispered breathing, hot breath,
I asked, excuse me, can you repeat that please.
As I gazed down her ebony velvet dress, cut to implore,
She said, your place or mine, pleasure for release.

I stood at the bar, left my drink as it sat,
We took off, into the night, into the thick gloom.
A block down the alley, at a red door we stopped.
She Pulled out the key, the house filled with doom.

We walked in the foyer, the floors were covered,
with rose petals, and feathers on the ground,
Before I knew it, her dress on floor,
I realized my mistake, a man I had found.

I snapped on the handcuffs, a hiss could be heard,
the jig was up princess, my secret, not a word.
To the guys at the station , I said narry a peep,
but once they had frisked “her”, they called me a turd.
Author Notes
Brassy Dame


© Ellise Murphy. A



Brassy Dame Being Game 

The longer she would stay in the bar
the more she would go too far
So she headed out the door
to give a guy an encore
not thinking what could be in store
Yes she was brassy
but not classy


© Marvin D Goldfarb.