By: Ocultocorazon~  

A child’s love clings to mother
As grapes do to the vine;
Which, nurtures them so tender
Till ripe and sweet in kind
And puppy love now beckons
Their blushing hearts to throb
Until that special Sally
Breaks up to go with Rob
And then the teens approach that day
Where love sophisticated plays
With wide range of emotions
From “steadies” gone astray
But yet more complex comes that year
When we must deal with our career
While searching for that soul mate
Could this love be the one?
But those who live for many years
Have learned to dissipate these fears
For time has taught them oh so well
That, soul mates are created
Through mutual actions dear!
And thoughts shared, clearly stated
For each to challenge yet, revere!
Luis H. Avila, 2000