By: TOknowWINGS~

Love, the strongest of emotions 
Two hearts can blend a perfect love.
A lasting love, mixed with kindness and passion forever.
Forever to be.  
To me, love is measured by the heart and soul
Hearts that bond eternally,. and then more
Love offers laughter, comfort, and tears    
Easily and instantly.
It’s the weight of the world
lifted from your shoulders,
With just one touch
Blinding fears or even tears with sunshine.
Love is memories.
Memories that simply touch your heart
and your heart feels it will surely burst.
Love is a comfort in those thoughts.
Love can be walked hand in hand,
Touching depths beyond knowing.
A sense of desire as you inhale.
Simply a release as you exhale.
Love can be seen.
Seeing the love of your life,
For the first time….
For the last time….
Does love stop?
Love has no boundaries, exceptions, no rules.
Love does not stop by distance or time.
It lives through memories.
It breathes through emotion.
Love is….