By: TOknowWINGS~

It is so hard to find
the upside of down.
Longing for just a glimpse, a minute in time.
To once again see the one you loved and lost.
Seeking entertainment, perhaps some refuge from silence.
She opened a door to soft music and dim lights.
Found a table to sit, alone.
Watching as couples enjoying the night.
As she sipped a glass of wine
She could hear laughter.
Sounds of which she envied.
Then it happened!
A tall man walked slowly towards her.
Only a shadow, he did not sit, but
took her hand without saying a word.
They walked to the dance floor.
His arm moved gently around her waist,
their cheeks touched.
The smell of familiar cologne forced her to swallow hard.
They moved as though they had danced before, she knew they had.
Each step to the music was perfect, was this a dream?
The music she heard, brought back memories.
A song they had known as their song..years ago
For a moment in dance, they again, were as one.
The music stopped, tears had filled her eyes.
She glanced up to a familiar smile and a flirting wink.
He escorted her back to her table
and as mysterically as he had appeared, he was gone.