dfloreiii cover


 There is nothing “traditional”

about the work of Dan FLore III as we learned in his first book  “Lapping Water”…

Just a fresh approach. An unusual look at the most usual of happenings.Dan has you viewing things and situations you thought you had “seen” before, from some very unique angles. It’s worth a read to know there is more to see then your quick scan shows you.

Slow motion imagery captures all the details of those snapshot moments.

LIFE happens in the little things.


I love us most when we’re praying over hotdogs
that simple moment
beyond all fanfare and extravagence
when our heads are bowed
and our little kitchen
is transformed into a cathedral
it’s then I believe the light off the tile floor is chiming
like churchbells are ringing in heaven
and just before we say amen
I sing a little hymn of thankfulness under my breath
and can hardly wait to open my eyes
to look at you again

poems by Daniel J. Flore III
(for Jamie) is yet another great collection
of the poetry of life from Dans point of view.

~Poets of Lates~


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Review of Home and Other Places I’ve yet to See
poems by Daniel J.Flore III
By:Sally Arango Renata (writer and folk artist,2009-2010 Poetry Fellow, South Carolina Arts Commision)

In his first volume, Lapping Water, Dan Flore III, introduces himself as an honest poet.
While some work at clever, wrapping themselves in metaphors. bending words in remarkable ways, Flore is upfront and accessible but no less impressive.
Dan Flore’s target in this new volume, is himself and the worlds around him. He bravely unzips his past and without sentimentality, shows us his old haunts – the places he goes
to find nourishment, his constant spiritual search, his falls into and emergence from
life’s mud. Then too, he reaches out beyond present and real, with humor and imagination.
We gravitate towards poetry for various reasons. Personally, I lean towards work that
steps over a line, is courageous. In the end, I want to read a volume, feel I have gotten to know the poet, and that he/she has given something to me. Home and Other Places I’ve
Yet to See gave me that, through many moments of reflection.


Dan Flore’s second book. Home and Other Places I’ve Yet to See, is an intriguing collection of poems that feel genuinely linked together by one pervading theme; searching for the intangible in the tangible. Although, …practically speaking, home would seem a very real and physical dwelling to most, as the title suggests, home becomes… a personal journey for Flore not found just yet, nor on any road easily traveled. In fact the journey we are on with Flore
can only be truly reached through the heart. And so what begins as a personal quest transcends to the universal. We can’t help but be drawn into his longing to explore what seems at first illusive though perhaps only slightly out of
reach. You will discover elements of faith and love throughout this book, as in the poem, ‘The Virgin Mary Cuts my Hair’ demonstrated in the following lines; as
I rested my head in the sink/ her little fingers slowly rubbing in the shampoo/ the pop music on the radio melted into a hymn/ and all I could do was stare up at the fluorescent light above her/ like a man looking at the sun for the first time. You will also find sparks of determination that are both endearing and complex, as shown so eloquently in the poem: Broken Banjo Prayer; though I am
old fruit/ in your forever ripe kingdom/ though you are the current/ and I am swimming against you. There’s a commanding sense of authenticity in Flore’s voice as he leads us on his pursuit, making the ordinary feel extraordinary.
Dan’s deft use of imagery throughout these poems gives them a lyrical dimension that invites us to follow along in the very same journey and though we may be traveling through places ‘with currents of unknown seas’ we are undoubtedly on
an enlightening trip, one that is indeed beautiful and homeward bound. 

-Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas
(Author of Hasty Notes in No Particular Order)