By: So3u554~

There’s a Devil on my left shoulder
                     An Angel on my right
Angel sits there quietly her halo
               nice and straight
She watches everything I do
               so I make no mistakes
She tells me when I’m walking too close
        to the edge, always very friendly
          and never ever yells

The Devil sits on the other side
                      grinning ear to ear
                              He is always saying
                   “take one more step my dear”
Turns around and jabs me with that

                                very pointy little spear
                             Whispers in my ear
             “Come on let’s have some fun
                    I’m just about to take a step
                        When suddenly I hear
                           A gentle voice say
                   “Take one step back my dear

         The two of them are standing
               Now the Devil wears a grin
                  Yet upon the Angels face
                    Her smile is upside down

             There they sit,
                    each watching what I do
                        yet I decide to tell them
                   “Hey go away you two”
                          Caught in the middle
                   What’s wrong and what’s right
                      I know I should be listening
                            To what the Angel says
                            But just for once I think
                                 Hating to admit it
                                 The Devils going to win