By: Crowknows~

We live inside the static stasis, lost in translations transmitted
Given demented details fought through what has been omitted
Points connecting eclipsed lines, radiating their spiraling syndrome
consumed by venom’s sweet embraces, and all that’s lost in them

So fly again my silenced songbird
form the words and then take wing
Call out songs my mind has not heard
Stealing focus and you sing

We walk along abandoned highways, lost to ruin from neglect
We fought such wars to drown in our ways, always striving to protect
Values of self inflicted prices, brought upon the rising tide
The tongue basks in its own devices, not knowing which wave to ride

So fly again my silenced songbird
From the confines of your cage
Clear the lines that appear so blurred
adept precepts soaked in rage

We climb cliffs of contrite conclusion, to escape the coming waves
Spotting sights of such illusion, no one dare dream what it braves
In rivers of gold men are drowning, bathing in the grease of greed
We hear the screams, inside resounding, singing songs of what we need

So fly again my silenced song bird
From a scarred, and severed tongue
singing songs I once dreamed conferred
in the wails of darkened suns

We looked down at horrid glimmering destruction
Claiming what we said caused no interruption
Unhinged by the sudden relapse of an old plague
stunned by the snapping synapse, now unfrayed

So fly again my silenced songbird
From a voice that cannot speak
dwell not of the events occurred
In a world so gold and bleak