I began writing in about 2007 and I remember that the experience was quite a catharsis for me,
my poetry is meant to be an expulsion of emotions and ideas from myself, I felt like a man possessed
before I started writing. Now I feel a measure of peace

We know this person as Stviolence1989 on aol. They have been a regular in the Late Night Poets Chat since 2014

They first discovered the room by finding it on allpoetry.com and thinks it is quite awesome

Crowknows feels that the LNP Poets is an encouraging environment to develop ideas, and a great concept

He has also performed as a spoken word poet at Buffalo State College

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Name : Kevin Brinkman

Where do you Live : Buffalo New York

Screen Name: Crowknows

Origin of S/N:

Crowknows is a reference to several mythologies, which include odin’s raven who delivers his will in norse mythology,
and the original ruler of the Titans in greek mythology cronus who was the ruler of all time
The name is also a reference to the tendency of native americans who say that crows are the messengers to the spirit realm. As well as a reference to a recurring nightmare of mine.

How long on-line?  Since about 2007

How long in LNP?  Since 2014

Age:  25

Occupation :  Sociologist


Bachelors degree at Buffalo State, major sociology, minor english.
Master’s Degree at the University of Buffalo

Few People know that you are interested in:

Apocalyptic Literature, I’m fasicnated with the idea of the end of the world,
I don’t believe it will ever happen, but the idea of a total end and final judgment intrigue me

Favorite Author:  Luis Borges

Favorite Book:  The Divine Comedy

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Weight lifting

2) Table Top Gaming

3) Rugby

4) Literature of all kinds

5) Heavy Metal


Favorite Sports/Teams: Buffalo Bills, and the Buffalo Sabres

Favorite Music/Band : Lamb of God

Favorite Movie:  American Psycho

Favorite Foods:  Shepard’s Pie

Favorite Poet: Dante Alighieri

Favorite Poem:

Invictus by William Seamus Heaney

If you could meet any poet, who would it be?

Ernest Hemingway

What made you choose that poet?

He seems like a complex man,

and I’d love to get inside of his head,
also I think he’d be a blast to party with.

Current Projects:

An ethnography on collaborative circles
A novel about the end of the world from the perspective of the anti christ


Favorite Quote

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her:
but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.


Top websites you would recommend

1. Allpoetry.com

2. Evil.com

3. Wickedjester.com

4. brainyquote.com

Torn between good and evil, I often ponder the nature of man, especially his duality. I am constantly awed by both our capacity for evil, aand empathy. I believe in entertaining ideas without having to accept them.
I think only by expanding our own horizons can we ever obtain something close to divinity. I thirst for knowledge and expect others to do the same. In my experience the people who are the happiest do not plug the holes in their hearts, but heal them from all sides, to regenerate instead of simple imitate.
My work deals heavily with the ideas of evil and madness, and these are often musings of mine. I consider myself a man torn between extremes only to arrive with a dual nature,and because of this internal struggle I believe in the power of will. I hold that struggle makes all people stronger and that adversity is a flame which melts the weak but tempers the strong. I find that all people seem to share common threads of thoughts and that no matter how different we seem,
there is always common ground to relate to one another. Strength and intellect are qualities which I expect from all.
To me nothing is a greater loss than wasted potential. As a sociologist I understand that the will of a group
extends to the will of the individual and think that because of that we all must watch what we say and do around others.
My speciality inside of my discipline is identity theory and dealing with the management of identities that a person
accepts, and that are thrusted upon them. All people struggle with maintaining these identities and playing the roles
which they must but dealing with such concepts successfully is to be a well balanced purpose, to do so unsuccessfully
amounts to a failure to adequately present the self. In my personal life however I enjoy dispensing advice to my friends
who may be going through tough times, and helping others whenever possible, knowing that I hope if I ever go through
such troubles someone might help me. But enough of my preaching and rambling I suggest you judge me on my poetry,
heads up all of it rhymes because of my personal preference to write in such a way.