By: Crowknows~

Once I was a poet and now I am a pawn
waiting for the sunlight and camping out til dawn
cringing in anticipation of a drop of sun
giving up a battle that I knew I never won
creating consequences without thought or cause
moving through the program without stop or pause
waiting for the daylight, like it will never come
waiting for a feast as if I haven’t ate one crumb

Once I was a leader and now I am a fool
A selfish tyrant hell bent on defying his own rule
the dictum has been spoken, but only to the deaf
the recipe once followed, has been stolen by the chef
and ingredients like subjects, they do tend to change
as what was once the norm, has now become the strange
I stand in revolution, now on both sides of the coup
knowing I’m the old, and I will become the new

Once I was an artist and now I am a brute
clinging on like a weed, who will not yield its root
I used to create wonders, and now I create none
I used to dream of losing, but now I dread I’ve won
But before checkmate, comes the ominous dance
and posturing, as if it happened our stance
could strike down our foes, without a move
I ponder in these times, what point I shall prove

Once I was a dreamer and now I am a drone
who lives inside a buzzing hive, but still feels alone
conditioned to cognition he thinks, and never acts
now in this rendition his traditions are not facts
I was once a player, but in time they changed the game
they changed every rule, and then they changed the name
and I can’t bear transitions, I simply can’t adapt
and though I built the prison, I can still feel trapped