By: Crowknows~

Buried deep below my conscience
down between the seeds of doubt
flows that ebb and flow in constants
a whole ocean I’d do without
blurred inside of thoughts obscured
are the things which I do not know
and all the things which have occurred
are in that sea which dwells below

As I sail on the trouble waters
as I swim in those murky depths
I think of the endless slaughters
that haunt all my waking breaths
I glide on through trepidation
As I twist out upon the gails
I reflect on my situation
and the syndrome that it fails

Drowning, flailing under the current
are the aspects that are in my past
knowing all the things that I weren’t
are the things which could never last
their screaming and cries enthrall me
like a siren that lures me to the rocks
and onward to my death they call me
like the final strike of my life’s clocks

Buried deep down below my dead gaze
in the chaos called my brain
is  the infinite  wet maze
housing the beasts that lie insane
in this sea of raging tempests
I stand on unsteady ground
knowing everything thing I expressed
in these depths it can be found

Stepping out from my own vessel
to the sea which I can’t quell
now the feeling which I nestle
is the one that I know well
as I walk through this tempest
in the waters of my own
feeling like a man who’s possessed
in these deep waters, all alone.