By: Crowknows~

He turns his eyes towards the endless horizon
he sees the stars as they shine on in space
He sees the shadows on stars shining now gone
beholding the things that our fate must erase
Gone in an instant, the nova is blinding
we cannot yet tell that this sun is destroyed
we sent up our wishes and now we are finding
they echo in emptiness, lost in the void

Our secrets exposed and yet still its unknown
the seal of our lips has been ensured with thread
behold the exposition, that no one has been shown
and display your despair with the source of your dread
The riddle is solved yet we can’t say the answer
shunned by the solution that we have ignored
we can’t find the cure, this scenarios cancer
restoring the shores of the beach we deplored

So we claim we’re advancing and we start our retreat
Washing our hands of the blood, mud and muck
We claim we’ve won when we both admit defeat
and know that its true if we don’t give a fuck
The past is the past if we put it behind us
yet there on our backs it can still weight us down
We gave only what we could spare from our surplus
we claimed our own rules yet conceded no crown

Held down by our pride we can’t reach a compromise
Held up with  the strings of a marionette
We tell ourselves that the other spoke naught but lies
we remember only that we need to forget
now we’re walking away from a world we created
leaving dreams differed and lives without closure
thinking that at this juncture we’re nothing but hated
and we can’t go down roads if we cannot be sure

Listening to the silence I know I can still hear
the sound of a sigh carried across the stars
revolting from penance I reject the old fear
that words that were spoken were replaced by scars
I still heed the memories shaken foundations
neural cosmic collisions burst inside my brain
I still live a life cursed by these complications
my mind screaming, crippled by torture and strain

Oh Universe I know that fate has dealt its hand
I’m awaiting an answer I know will not come
its horrors unmasked have arrived as it was planned
I’m brought down to temptations which I have succumb
Now as the stars explode I can sense the imminent
this sense of uncertainty fueling my doubt
lost in this world I shall never be innocent
excluded from the stars that I live without