soso young

I began writing in high school and I remember that the experience was

We know this person as  So3u554  on AOL and she has been a regular in the Late Night Poets Chat for quite some time now

SoSo first discovered the room… when a friend invited her and she thinks it is a really nice room.

So also feels that the LNP Poets are .. Special People

Her poetry has been published in
One online enzine that no longer publishes poetry

The most valuable experience regarding their time in LNP has been: Learning new ways to write and express myself and making new friends

You can read her poetry at: Poets of Late’s Blog 

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Name : SoSo

Where do you Live: Illinois

Screen Name: So3u554

Origin of S/N: Okay S is letter of my first name, and o3 is month I was born U is letter of my last name, and 554 the address where I grew up

How long on-line ? since 1998

How long in LNP .. Your guess is as good as mine

Age : Ancient, grins 63

Occupation : Park District Counselor and Lunch Supervisor to a lot of children

Education: High School Graduate

Few People know that you are interested in: Hmm, let me think about this… oh I know I am a volunteer for an Emergency Response Team….
and I love to spend time out of doors yes even when it is cold.

Favorite Author… James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks

Favorite Type of Books… Mysteries and Love Stories

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Gardening

2) Reading

3) Volunteering

4) Exercising

5) Walking, I love to walk

Favorite Sports/Teams: hmm well…Bears, White Sox and Cubs

Favorite Music: Country Music

Favorite Movie: Ghost

Favorite Foods: Is chocolate a food?

Favorite Poet: I can only think of one and he says he is not a poet

Favorite Poem: hmm There are so many poems I like… 

Was once asked…How have you been…
Sure have missed you…Why were you gone so long?
In which My reply was following….
Smiles at you gently…..Have been right here within the wind …
blowing ever so gently against your cheek…
Have you not felt me near?
Within the very sunshine…
that caressed you ever so softly…with it’s ray of warmth…
Upon the very bottom of your feet..as you took every small step..
to softly make your path more bearable to tread..
Have you not felt me at all?
Soft whisper that you hear…yet can’t quite make it out..
Within your dreams trying so desperately
to keep the cobwebs from settling in…
Peaceful feeling you feel every now and then..
that’s me saying Hope your having a lovely day…
Smile you see within others when they greet you
or when you meet their eyes…that’s me…
Small raindrop that settles so gently upon a leaf..
That butterfly that floats by so gracefully
as if it owns the very air..
Sound of the birds so beautiful
as they sing their songs of joy..
Yet also that bell ringing in the distance…that sounds so far…
Yet close enough for the sound of the ears to share it’s true beauty…
Sounds of your windchimes
blowing in that gentle breeze..
In all the beauty that surrounds you …I’m there…
All you have to do is look closely …and listen gently…
You shall surely feel my presence
near you at all times….My Friend…

Voice of Silence

so 3 If you could meet any poet, who would it be? Javan

What made you choose that poet? I love his poetry

Current Projects: Taking the house apart, one room at a time

Favorite Quote:
When I was a child I thought Nap Time was a punishment … Now, as a grown up, it just feels like a small vacation !

Top websites you would recommend:

1. Pogo

2. Facebook

3. Amazon

I am addicted to AOL… I love my online friends and buddies
I hang out in a morning room called “Coffee and Muffins”
Then I go to work, yes work… I thought I was retired ,well I am
and now I work 2 part time jobs …
That’s all folks…. grins