By: JadeLady4Realx1x~~

One said she had thrones

One accused her of being unholy

The other one fell in love with the lady.


She was a Louisiana Lady,

That stood tall as she patently waited

but being persistent she sashays by

hoping to see that look in his eyes.


As she walked by that summer night,

she was the burning wick in a candle light

so full of life with love and laughter

knowing he was the one she would go after.


His lady friend did not approve,

tried to per sway him to leave her alone

to find another that she felt had no thorns.


His best friend, his buddy, oh so he thought,

had plans of his own so evil seeds he sought

wanting her for himself, he ruled her unholy.


The last of the trio a had mind of his own,

soon they were in love and it became known

The Louisiana Lady, the bride he’s taking home.


Clara G. 1-24-2015