From southern grace, to a faded rose

her petals fell….to soon I was told.


The story is, she was the beauty of all the roses,

in the forbidden garden that we call romance.


If a Gentleman had a brave heart he took a chance,

opened the gate, walked right in to have a glance.


Once inside the garden there was no escape

her fragrance was there in the air to be embraced.


Her leaves stretched out, became her arms and hands

with a soft gentle breeze and her magic was enhanced.


One day the gentle breeze turned into a storm

and her faded petals soon fell and were gone.


Everyone that touched her faded petals

and smelled her fragrance as she embraced

were left to be captured by her magic spell.


From the beauty of all roses

to become the faded rose,

soon she became just a petal.

This is the story and how it goes.

It’s written in the book ..

” Just A Petal.”


Clara G. 1-23-2015