By: JadeLady4Realx1x~

Falling in love is wonderful,

I have never been so happy.

Always singing and smiling

never a day goes by without

the yearning for so much more.


With each day that goes by

your love grows more deeply.

Nothing seems to be impossible

as long as the one you love,

Is standing next to you.

Always reassuring you, that all

of your dreams will come true.


How can there ever be a seed

of doubt, placed in your mind

between the two of you,

when you know for certain

that everything is going fine?


As time moves on into months

your love slowly starts to change.

It will either get stronger or weaker,

time will soon tell if he is a cheater.

Tender words that once were said

are now replaced with lies instead.


The I love you’s are rarely said

locked with silence unsure to wed.

The dreams that were filled with joy

and could not wait to say I do…

with words now put aside to rest,

inside the book that will not be read.


Falling In and out of love

at times isn’t always nice,

until you find Mr. Right.

Only then, you have found


that ever lasting love,

with all the I love you’s

that will become your destiny.


Clara G. 1-22-2015