By: NoahWereMan~

My brother’s on a journey
with all his family.
It leads them on a mission
across the western sea.
Though they have not departed
for eastern borders yet
with vigilance and purpose

upon this goal they’re set.
Adoption is a journey
that few have will to take.
The many tribulations
they’re lives chaotic make.
But somewhere deep in China
there waits a little man,
their son, their children’s brother.
He’s part of God’s own plan.
Their faith and hope abiding
all trouble overcame.
They’ve taught their little children
that Samuel’s his name.
So Abby, Josh and Becca
await the coming day
when they will swarm their brother
in greetings, hugs, and play.
On Christmas Eve we gathered
as is our custom here
exchanging gifts and thankful
for family so dear.
My nieces and my nephews
were overwrought with joy,
their eager hands unwrapping
each new and precious toy.
In buying Christmas presents
I seem to lack all skill.
I’d bought some cards, placed in them
a twenty dollar bill.
So one by the one the children
had opened up a card
remembering to thank us
though patience’s rather hard.
The room was strewn with wrapping.
Rebecca’s turn soon came.
Her grin was wide and happy
when Santa called her name.
The card was quickly opened
with carelessness and glee.
She lifted high the twenty
for everyone to see.
Then Dana asked Rebecca
“Whatever will you do
with all that Christmas money
that’s meant for only you?”
Her answer came so quickly
she caught us unprepared
to hear the tender kindness
this little girl dared.
Her quiet words were sweeter
than any honeycomb,
“I’ll give it to my father
to help bring Sammy home”.
She didn’t want a dolly
nor dresses, nor a toy.
She only wished the presence
of one more little boy.
And so the Christmas meaning
came swiftly then to me
in words from a wee angel,
a child of only three.
12.25.11  A Noah Trifle