By: CCPoems4U~

Why is the question,

Why is the task,

Why lies the answer,

Removing the masks.


Is looting the reason

Our young people destroy

Or is this a new tactic ,

We choose to employ.


I know of someone 

Who will quiet the throng,

A man among men ,

who will teach right from wrong.


Perhaps you have heard of him,

He stands for us all.

And will appear in an instant,

When his name that we call.

Here and now we have come,

To that fork in the road.

Where true colors are flown,

Our seed has been sewed.


Yet there in the mist in dark of the night,

A figure appeared  to the townsfolk delight,

The cheers growing louder, with YoBob In flight

Looking to GIANT to heal where he might.

Bound to resolve race for all time,

But armed only by words in this rhyme.

Despite all his efforts ,our GIANT  will try,

To exorcise Racism, where all will comply.


A war if you will, the battlefield drawn,

Hinder or help still welcomed the dawn.

Our GIANT, truly a sight to behold,

Yet here in the city, the crowd could be cold .


But NO, these demonstrators cheered loud and long,

Not long thereafter erupted in  song.

The streets on that night, would in essence belong,

To a big guy resembling good old King Kong.


The crowd had accepted the big guy we know,

Now  the officials, had witnessed the show,

Time now for dispersal, No need for hoses

With a ham of a GIANT now striking some poses.


Try if you will to keep this in mind

More loyal a friend you never will find

A friend to us all, on that you could bet

These stories in rhyme, where bloods never let


D.O. Smith    14