By: Dreadlox33~

I came to that dark place
In my mind to find you
And the last place I saw you.
Recesses I seldom access…
For obvious reasons.
Memories wash over me
If I let them;
Although I seldom do.
I remember walking into your hospital room
And catching you with your true love
…a Harry Potter book.
And you telling me
You’d already read it…twice.
I remember sleeping on
Hospital furniture
And getting no rest at all.
I remember meeting new doctors
And their efforts to convince us
That, “We’re going to take good care of her.”
But of course only God
Can see those promises
Through to the end.
I recall so vividly
And leave behind us
The foolish talk of wills and mortality.
But of course
That open road became a mirage;
Outdistancing us.
It’s been five years now
Since we lost you;
It hits me like a sandstorm.
The memories;
Fingerprints in my mind.
I’m at least ready to write
About you this Winter.
Small victories come with isolation and pain…
But at least I know where to find you now
…And that is my blessing.
~ ….ian
~ 1-23-11