By: EyeOfTheTiger2U7~

Christmas eve a special night
With children filled with joy
Anticipate the coming sight
Many things to eat and toys
Hanging up their stockings
For Santa Claus to see
Hoping to find a sparkling treat
Or maybe two or three
Peeking out the window
At the newly fallen snow
Asking mom and dad
Will Santa really show
The Christmas Tree all aglow
With lights of red and green
This is a wondrous show
That really should be seen
Tensile and silver bells
Arranged with great care
How the yuletide spirit swells
The scent of pine fills the air
The pies are all baked
The  Turkey is all stuffed
Ready for all to partake
I hope there is enough
Dinner will be served fast
With  all of the trimmings
Pleasing to the very last
And  from the beginning
This is the time of night
Children scurry off to bed
With thoughts of tomorrow
Still dancing in their heads
Busy little sleepy heads
Nestled in their beds
Wondering if they were bad or good
The way Santa wished they would
All is quiet not a single peep
Tucked in now in slumber
Will they all stay fast asleep
We can only wait and wonder
Donning a red Santa suit
With a beard of snowy white
Covered with chimney soot
This is truly Santa’s night
Underneath  the mistletoe
She gives me a tender kiss
Turning the lights down low
This is the Christmas bliss

Poetry Scroll Collection

December 5 2014 ©