By: EyeOfTheTiger2U7~

Now that Christmas day is near
We gather around the Christmas cheer
Bright sparkling things appear
Holiday spirit is finally here
The tree is lit the tokens well spent
Ornaments hung on bough’s that bend
Truly a magnificent sight divine
Fills my heart and the room with pine
Presents are wrapped in foil and bows
What lies inside only Santa must know
Thoughts of treasures dancing in our heads
Wondering what’s there as we scurry to bed
The night time slumber is filled with dreams
Wondrous visions oh how they gleam
Pretty packages I can’t help but stare
Paper and bows all ready to tear
All of these things make Christmas so bright
Lasting all day and into the night
These are the things that are special in a way
Let’s not forget it’s someone else’s Birthday
Poetry Scroll Collection

December 5 2014 ©