By: Dreadlox33~

“…So let me get this straight.
You tether me into an arena
And five thousand drunken Spaniards
Taunt me…
And mock me
For twenty minutes.
And then a little man,
Wearing a puffy blouse…
Sporting a ridiculous looking hat
With ears on it
Comes out with a red cape
And a hand full of swords and…
Am I getting this right so far?
Then he shows me up
In front of the crowd
For another five minutes
Before he begins to extend
That red cape …
Perpetrating my indignation
And deliberately
…angering me!!
And when I charge him he not only
Has the indecency to pull
The cape away but he sticks
One of those long knives
Into the top of my neck.
And the crowd…
Those five thousand Inebriated Spaniards…
Cheer and heckle my agony?
And this is repeated
Over and over
For another twenty minutes
With this process culminating
In him stabbing me
In the back of my neck
Another ten times or so…
Until I’m… DEAD?
Well fuck that…
Get yourself another bull !!”
~ …..ian
~ 10-14-10