I began writing _maybe 40 years ago___ and I remember that the experience was quite fulfilling!

We know this person as Sunbleach9 on aol. He has been a regular in Platinum Poetry since about 2003 and has visited Late Night Poets on a few occasions to share his poetry.
He feels that the LNP Poets are excellent

His poetry has been published in many venues…primarily on line, but in hard copy from many publishers.

He has performed as a spoken word poet in Northern and Southern California, Arizona and Upstate New York.

You can read his poetry at Platinum Poetry many nights of the week.

and at Late Night Poets Blog

Get to know our spotlight poet by reading our LNP Spotlight Profile Below~!

Name : Richard Hand

Where do you Live : Phoenix, Arizona

Screen Name: Sunbleach9@aol.com

Origin of S/N: Arizona sunshine has “bleached” his red hair. 🙂

How long on-line: Maybe 15 years

Age: 71

Occupation : Retired Salesman

Education: Syracuse University, Class of 1965

Few People know that you are interested in:  karaoke

Favorite Author… William Shakespeare

Favorite Book… Holy Bible

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Singing

2) Golfing

3) Model cars

4) Humor

5) Layreading lessons at church.

Favorite Sports/Teams: Diamondbacks (Baseball), Suns (NBA), Cardinals (NFL)

Favorite Music/Band : Beatles, Everly Brothers, Elvis…

Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind.

Favorite Foods: Ice Cream

Favorite Poet: myself! LOL

Favorite Poem: Little One (regarding my daughter)

Little One
Armfull of love
against Daddy’s chest…
From diapers to ruffles
and playmates, no rest
for the weary old Dad~
But who cares?
Teaching her wondrous
new things to share~
Watching her grow into life
And the pairs
of socks and old shoes…
Progressively larger
to bring me the blues
of losing her someday
to sweet wedding news
That day’s going to come
(too soon for old Dad)
but letting her go
will make me feel glad
that my little one’s
found someone like Dad
to hold her and love her
with each passing day…
And maybe he’ll know
the joy of her play
(like old Dad remembers
on bicycle day)
When they too inherit
God’s wonderful plan:
A sweet little girl
to hold in his hands…
From diapers to ruffles,
from first date to last~
the tears and the troubles~
the love of the past…

Echoing ages
Repeating the same
over and over
in life’s wondrous game!
RW Hand~1978

If you could meet any poet, who would it be?

William Shakespeare.

What made you choose that poet?

I love his plays!

Current Projects: none…probably should start writing again!

Favorite Quote: “I’ve spent 90% of my time on wine, women and song…and the rest foolishly!” (WC Fields)

Top websites you would recommend

So many websites…to chose 4 would be difficult and I’m not sure I have any particular favorites! … Poets Place 🙂