By: Sunbleach9~.

The Spirit of Man
In the bleak Polish winter
Dancing through the darkness
Embers of hope
Popping flares
Across shadows
Of the Bear
The dignity of peasantry
Fights neo-aristocracy
Of Communist hypocrisy!
A man
With both feet on the ground
Lord, never let them put him down!
Humanity believes
Lech Walesa!
And Papal recognition touts
God’s blessing
For Man’s freedom shout!
Humanity believes,
Lech Walesa!
Oh, look to Lech
Along the trek
Of Labor’s proud frustration…
Give him respect
He genuflects To God
Before the nation!
Walesa knows
That those who show
A caring, sharing
Human glow
Will be among the few
To go
When trumpets sound
And curtains rise
Upon God’s
Eastertide Reprise!
To those recalling
Kruschev’s tout
To “bury us”
We now can shout
That Christ
And Solidarity
With Lech
And all Humanity
Shall overcome
His commune~infidelity!
So solidly
March Christians
Seeking parity
Like Lech
And Solidarity!
The Spirit of Man
In the bleak Polish winter
The SONrise
Melts away the Darkness