By: Sunbleach9~

The leaves of life now turn
to softening yellow, muted brown
yet with an autumn red
matured by thoughts of
amber times now past
Green youth brought forth
a rush through flowing roots~
they, tender as the birth of spring
sought meaning deep within
the soils of being
The years of summer passed
with learned passion~bearing fruit,
deepening roots, branching out
to seek, to know, to love
and understand
There is but winter left~
the rush of springtime gone,
summer’s growth forgotten~
and autumn’s blaze abates
to silver silence
The diamond years approach
in trepidation…memories
translucent, muffled in
the howling winds
of youthful days forgotten
Yet winter brings the light
of spring’s resurgence~
in icy prisms, rainbows spread
and splintered darkness
dies to vibrant promise
And so the leaves of life
now turn to autumn…
Its harvest bears the hope
that winter’s lonely courage
finds the spring
RW Hand~1998