By: Sunbleach9~

Tuffy’s there, all nestled in
among the soft eternal~
competing for the fond embrace
of hugs that spring maternal
And Sandy’s somewhere cuddled there
‘tween Snowball and li’l Froggy…
’cause each among this growing brood
in love is raised by “Mommy”
A mother’s love embraces all
the bedspread kids of youth,
and all will cuddle in her heart
forever and in truth
beyond the wondrous crush and sway
of adolescent swoon…
the children of her youth will be
grandchildren to her soon
As life and love mature and grow,
a boy, til death do part
with bedspread kids, forever young
will touch her children’s hearts
Then parents of the baby’s room
will script familiar parts~
to love and hug the bedspread kids
she holds within her heart
And Abba (Daddy) loves them all
in Spirit and in Truth
He hugs them through eternity…
The bedspread kids of youth
RW Hand ~ 2002