By: Feign~

I may never know why I’m here

(not “here” in my computer chair)

but here in intangible self

what are the chances that I’d be me?

but I’m  here, I can see easily

and I seem to be tangible….see?




It seems to be magic and good

a message of hope understood

we embrace the faiths of our choice

but I think that they speak the same voice

without faith in the great master plan

why bother so much about man?


and women


We’re out here floating in space

dizzy, we circle, then circle again

and then a magnificent  circle when

we think circles end

without that faith to hold tight

we cause harmony of circular flight

If any of these spinning orbs drop

from hatred and evil and bombs,


I think I’ll just mosey along……………………..(whistling nervously)