By: JustinJms1988~

magic in these hands pic

These hands caress your sweet and soft body 

Your fragrance fills me with thoughts of wildflowers 

Swaying gently in the summer sun 

.As it brightens up a brand new day 

You move sensually and stroke my back 

Your nails making all my senses come alive 

Calling me without a word 

To gently touch more of you

My hands slide down the curves of your body 

Filling me with so much love for you that I sigh 

you are ready to surrender all of yourself to me 

I watch as you slowly close your beautiful eyes 

Moaning as you feel each warm breath 

As I run my tongue slowly down your sweet neck 

Leaving little kisses here and there 

Whispering to you how much I really care 

Running my hands down your long and luscious legs 

Feeling so smooth and soft as silk flowing in the wind 

Traveling down your body lovingly 

Only makes me crave to have more of you 

Listening to your soft moans and angelic sighs 

these hands are so sensitive to all of you 

You feel all my love come shining through 

As I take and you give…I give and you take 

Gentle waves of lust encircle us both 

Pulling us into a sweet abyss 

When we deepen and lengthen each kiss 

We are such a perfect match you and I 

Heart to heart…soul to soul 

I will never willingly let you go 

For this aching heart loves you so