I began writing as soon as I could write, about 50 years and I remember that the experience was a release to express my own feelings and to share the things I experienced through muses and poetry.

We know this person as… Snowy Owl Spirit on aol. They have been a regular in the Late Night Poets Chat since 2012

Kathy first discovered the room by Invitation from another patron and thinks it is a good outlet for talented writers to share their art, and feels that the LNP Poets are Quite talented.

Their poetry has been published in Others web sites and are available at:  

Snowwowl.com and Illuminationsoflight.com

The most valuable experience re their time in LNP…

Learning the different styles and forms of other talented people.

You can also read her poetry at:

(Poets of Lates Blog)

Get to know our Snowy Owl Spirit by reading our LNP Spotlight Profile Below…

Name:   Kathy Bradshaw Burrell

Where do you Live?

Blue Springs Missouri

Screen Name:

 Snowy Owl Spirit@aol.com

Origin of S/N:

My Screen name is translated from my Lakota name which is Hin Han Ska Wanagi. As a child I lived in Alaska as my father was stationed in Fairbanks at the Airforce base.

How long on-line?   Since AOL 1 for DOS

How long in LNP?   2 years off and on

Age:  56

Occupation:  Disabled / Retired

Education: 3 years of college

Few People know that you are interested in:

Spiritualism, Herbal and natural medicines and medicinal mushrooms

Favorite Book…

Native American Spirituality

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Wood working, crafting staffs and walking sticks

2) Quilting

3) Art

4) beadworking

5) global changes and climate change

Favorite Sports:  

shooting pool

Favorite Music/Band:


Favorite Movie:  


Favorite Foods:  


Favorite Poet:


Favorite Poem:  

On Silent Wings

November post

Current Projects:

Woodworking projects and beading jewelry

Favorite Quote:  

The wise old owl sat in an oak, the more she heard the less she spoke, the less she spoke the more she heard, why can’t all be like that bird.

I am just a simple person who writes as a way to release, express or tell of the experiences i have gone through in my life. I don’t do it all the time, only when the words come to me. Some i share in the form of music / songs, some are expressions of my own opinions and insights and some are poems.
I am Honored to have been asked to showcase my writings / poetry and I thank you for reading.