By: Snowy Owl Spirit~

On Timbre Winds I take flight,
High above the clouds I go,
Soaring high into the sky,
No fear of what’s below,

Higher now, with wind I fly,
Not looking back from whence I came,
The gentle drafts do lift me high,
And I fly higher yet again,

Into the stars to heavens gate ,
With Tembre Winds I gently glide,
On thermal drafts this flight I take,
Will lead me to your side,

I perch on top of heavens gate,
As Timbre Winds blow by,
So patiently I do wait,
I let out a mournful cry,

He hears my call and turns around,
A hand to me he lends,
I then take flight without a sound,
On Silent Wing with Timbre Winds

Snowy Owl Spirit
Oct. 15, 2001