By: Clara-Nicole~

In early morning hours
I will break the laws of gravity
Defying logic and claiming
I have never been a scientist.

Falling up into the heavens,
I’ll beg the constellations
to wrap their arms around me,
engulfing me in their
fiery knowledge of the cosmos,
and dissolve me into microscopic pieces
of the girl I once was.

When they pull away,
traveling back to their isolated corners,
they can drop me like breadcrumbs
throughout the night sky.

I can spend eternity
evaporating among the stars,
where moons will remember my name
but not my face,
where comets will write
across the black canvas
the way my hands once did on paper.

To be nothing could be
such an intoxicating feeling,
filling me for the first time
with some sort of clue of what I was
in this life time,
a riddle I was never able to fully solve.

When my skin falls away,
and bones disintegrate into ash,
I will be infinite.