By: Snowy Owl Spirit~

We say good night

and go

to our separate beds,

in separate states

and await

the reunion to come.


it is hard to relax

in the comfort

of our beds

knowing that soon

we will walk together…

in our dreams.

It seems so long

yet we fall asleep

and there we are……

together, once more.

Our hearts race

with the excitement

of the reunion

and we touch,

our hearts

beating as one.

As we meld

into each other

we know

we have been here


in the physical,

yet not knowing

from where

or of when.

We feed

from the fire

of our souls

as we dance

to an ancient vibration

that we know

is from an ancient time.

Our union sparks flames

and we tremble

as we feel the rush

of intense emotion

of knowing

we have been here before,

so long ago.

As we lay

with each other

and hold tight

to this feeling

we again

begin to drift off

into a deep

peaceful sleep.

It is then

that we whisper

these words

to each other,

I love you,

Fare thee well

my love

until next we meet,

in our dreams.