By: Clara Nicole~

A comet shot across my life
bright enough to show me in new light.
As I made love to burning embers
trembling beneath fingertips and hungry lips
I questioned who I was
and loved who I was becoming.

You walked right into foggy irises
without hesitation
acquainted yourself with navy flecks
and found me on the way.

Struggling to accept your outstretched hand
I buried my love inside the black hole
swelling beneath my ribcage,
but comets aren’t afraid of darkness.

You braved those spiraling waves
as a ship in midnight storms
searching for Calypso
your blazing fire guiding you down oblivion’s path
until you held her in your hands.

The treasure wasn’t what you expected
just scarred beating chambers
afraid of being cut again.

But you looked at it as if
it were something beautiful
and for the first time
I thought maybe it was.