By: Dreadlox33~


I have so much to do today

…besides shower.


Watch it get light outside,

Enjoy a good swim,

Appreciate the smell of coffee,

Avoid swearing for 24 hours.

Make sure all my zippers are up,

Fall in love

…with a wastebasket.


Open at least one closed door,

Start a beard,

Abandon life’s naysayers,

Visit a cemetery.

Get a dog; name him Larry.

Accept my life scars.


Start everything five minutes sooner,

Laugh with a woman,

Watch Schindlers List again,

Pardon an enemy,

Have lunch with a stranger,

Listen to Judy Collin’s Send in the Clowns.

…engage myself with passion.


Thank an organ donor.


Tell my son I’m proud of him,

Reform a bad habit,

Eat a chocolate-chip cookie,

Get a tattoo,

Make love without inhibition,

…fight a demon.


Think twice about getting that dog;

Name my front door Larry.

Try to understand an idiot,

Avoid stubbing my fucking toe.

Re-evaluate that swearing thing,

Sit in a church for five quiet minutes.

Share this poem avoiding

…my usual doubts.


Dedicate this writing to her

…she’ll know.


~ ….ian

~ 3-11-14