By: DewDotSag~

My life is an unfinished painting

So be gentle with what you see-

It’s goal is to be a masterpiece

Done by my Savior and me.

He guides my hand , but I paint it

With a brush made of comets hair

The problem is I’m not an artist

And I spatter paint everywhere

I dabble with so many colors

I want it lively and bright

But sometimes it looks like child work

It gives me quiet a fright

But He constantly reassures me

He says that it looks just fine

He says we’re creating a treasure

His strokes and mine entwined

He tells me I have to be patient

And one day, I too, will see

The canvas the way He sees it_

Is precisely as its meant to be!

The skies are weeping

Gray and forlorn

And cool and crisp

The early morn

September plays

It’s final show

Before the winter

Brings us snow


By Sandy lee

© 2014Sandy lee (All rights reserved)