By: Dreadlox33~


The Agora’s lobby ventilation system was inoperable

Evidenced by the dense blue haze of smoke

Hanging above

The attending avant-garde crowd.


Leopard girls with blackened eye mascara

Applied with a caulking gun

Sang L’America…

And knew all the words verbatim.


Back stage a silver spoon full of

China White heroin…

The mood of choice…

And a bottle of Jack Daniels,

Were being passed around by the band

To incarnate their spirit.


There was no front band.


At Eight-twenty a sweaty leather-pant zombie

Standing with eyes glazed over

And Sampson-like curls

Took over the spotlight.

“When I was back there in seminary school…

There was a person there

Who put forth the proposition…” he began.

An urchin rebel prophetising;

Transforming the wild whores

In attendance as they began

Lip-syncing his words.


Riot police stood waiting in the wings.

With long phallic-like nightsticks…

Irony in hand.

Obedient reptiles

At the theatre of copulation.


How does one become…a lizard king

With the “maids in the hallway bickering?”


The drug-binged haruspex

Began chanting about a blood-red river…

and rainbowed pagodas;

While the arena filled up with poetic dissonance

And the acrid smell of hashish.




Ride the snake…




The “men-in-blue” moved into position

To restrain and control

And arrest

…the soft asylum.


~ …..ian

~ 10-26-10