By: Dreadlox33~~

There’s not much money

Up there

In her downtown third floor apartment;

Enough to scrape by, I guess.

There’s a potted Eucalyptus plant

On the fire escape landing

So at least I know

There’s life in there.


In the morning a cheap

Reclining lawn chair

Still sits beside the railing.

With no apparent air conditioner

The mice must contend with

A stifling heat;

As does she.


A steel ladder

Outside her window

Occasionally serves

As a clothes line

For dresses

That you and I would call rags.

For her,


Is a test of faith.


But at three-AM

She can hear the thunder

Of a passing L-train

And she’s got a front row seat

On the fire escape

For the New Years Day Parade.

And after all…

Isn’t that what we’re all here for?


In her world…

She’s always in church.


~ ….ian

~ 2-29-12