By: Dreadlox33 ~~

He asked to see the letters

Of condolences

And the sweetness of a lost world

He could no longer discuss

Or wrap his arms around.


She chose to hold onto it all;

To compress the softness

On the wooden shelves

To their now

Darkened pages;

Closed so tightly

…like the past.


It’s even difficult for him now

To recall the many days

That seem so lost;

Like him.


People would say,

“I could never do

What you did.”

And he would ask himself;

What was I supposed to have done?

Fold up like a spider?

He can only now sift through

The memories like dust particles;

Picking them up;

Gently laying them down

…in his head.

He can only

Hoard his memories of her

And try to get to tomorrow.


~ ….ian

~ 6-13-14