By: Dreadlox33~~

I walked by a family of four

…all neatly parked

In a solemn row.

Well that’s not good.

I remembered that accident;

A family destroyed;

Killed by a teenage driver

…Captain Impenetrable.

He got three years.

Not quite the equitable verdict

The family had been seeking.


A mother buried with her son;

Quinten…one year old;

Both pulled from a steel womb

By the jaws-of-life.

Such mangled irony.

The wheel of life so twisted

Below a hood ornament.


Richard Bruner… Union Officer;

“Died Andersonville Prison, 1863”

Returned to be buried

Twelve hundred miles…home;

A dying wish fulfilled.


“Father” – 1849-1912;

A marble obelisk balanced

Above its matching achromatic base.

Exalted deference;

A life appreciated.


Eroded tombstones, broken

Cast iron hinges, wilted flowers.

Cold, mossy, lonely landmarks;

Polished mitered graves.


A ghostly departure terminal

All leaving as equals;

Enrolled in Gods peer group.


Mausoleums with their

Small calcified doors

In an echoed hallway.

One step closer to heaven

…or not.

Maybe just a coin flip.


Voiceless caretakers

With no eyes

Looking like they just stepped out

Of a George Romero movie.


A porcelain lamb watches over

Luther Gibbs;  1924-1996.

Neither expecting to leave

Anytime soon.


The height of the monument

Divided by its age

…equals the degree of its lean.

So much reverence

In need of restoration.

A breathless wasteland

…inside a sandless hourglass.


The newspaper read,

“Vandals Desecrate Cemetery Gravestones!”

…Even death has its bad days.


~   ……..ian

~   12-21-05

~   Dark Poetry