By: Marcoosh~

It did not sound like thunder
like when I was standing at the summit
of “the quarry”
and lightening came down,
branched and exploded
all around me.
Not quite like that.
That was loud like fireworks – cherry bombs
or it’s unique sound.
When I was younger,
still in high school,
a bit crazy
or more crazy than now
ma and dad went out one Thursday night
as they always did,
it was “their night”.
In dad’s closet was a tin of gun powder
and his pistol.
His Pistol was a replication of a flintlock
used around the late 1700s.
It was heavy and the bore was large.
I had no idea what I was doing,
maybe was a bit more than a “bit” crazy.
On the yard in front of the house
which was really the back of the house
as the house was situated at a lake
I poured the black powder down the muzzle
and then stuffed it with some shredded rags.
There was an attached tool made for stuffing
or tapping things into the muzzle.
There were lead balls especially made
NOT to fit the muzzle.
Thank God !
After spilling a bit of the powder under the flint
I pointed the heavy weapon up and outward
and pulled the trigger.
It had it’s own unique sound
that moved everything, an amount,
for fifty yards or so
or so it seemed.
As I stood on the very spot where . . .
“The Shot Heard Around The World”
was fired
I knew
in an exact way
what it sounded like
can only imagine
what a battle
where 2000 British alone
ended in the mourning by their Queen
might have actually been like.