By: Dreadlox33~

A crumpled promissory note lies
On the barn loft floor
Inches below Archies dangling feet.
The bank account is empty;
The grain silo’s are empty;
The dreams are empty;
His eye’s are empty;
And Des Moines is hemorrhaging;
He’s hung himself.
…he’s an American.
Pablo runs with a tough LA gang.
It’s not easy running from
The police …especially
With a heroin needle stuck in your arm.
He’s a gang-banger.
He had a job bagging groceries
But when you can make
Ten times that each week
Selling dime bags of crack
What choices do you really have?
He’s just trying to survive.
Bang Pablo …you’re dead!
…he’s an American.
Gustave is a good ‘ole Louisianian Creole.
He sits on the deck of the Dauphine Queen
The anchor chain
Still coated from
Big Oil’s contaminants.
His Gulf oyster harvest
Is a distant memory now.
…so is his good Cajun Living.
He’s an American.
Sebastian is a Wall Street Broker.
Fuck that idea that we should be
Over burdening those in the
Wealthy tax bracket.
He’s buys Armani Suits;
He’s buys leather shoes
From Louis Vuitton;
He drives a Bugatti Veyron;
His proclivities would disgust
Andrew Dice Clay.
“I don’t buy drugs,” says Sebastian.
“I am a drug.”
…he’s an American.
Daphne sits third chair
For the Philadelphia Symphony.
She plays the cello
…so beautifully.
She’ll practice diligence
…until her fingers bleed.
She doesn’t eat;
She doesn’t sleep;
She doesn’t …escape.
She hasn’t had a relationship
Since she was nine
…with a man she once trusted.
She’s a trainwreck.
Her body’s engine
Over-rides her meds;
When will the pain end?
…she’s an American.
Tyler is serving his
Third tour of duty in Afghanistan.
He’s military;
His focus is narrow;
He’s an assassin
…and he’s good at it.
He’s a brother in arms;
He’s Semper Fidelis;
He will die for your freedom;
…he’s an American.
Father Sabian kneels at the alter.
He asks to speak with the Trinity;
Kind of a spiritual 911 request.
“Oh God …where are you?”
The weight of his job
Feels today like
A piano strapped to his back.
He’s got all the answers
For the congregation
…but none for himself.
Life, death, abuse, sin;
Is there a heaven;
Is there a hell?
Where are you God?
…he’s an American.
~ …..ian
~ 10-20-14