By: Cally2001~


The vacuum of silence quivers.
The sound of guitars set the mood.
Silence is broken by the tempo, intense.
as they string a song, not yet written.


Fire burns.
Flames play with echoes of a midnight sky.
The moon shivers with anxiety as
the Spanish dancer appears with her castanets.


Her hair long, lustrous and dark,.
 eyes haunting like the wild.
She sings with rapture, dances with passion,
sets the pace to beguile.


 Hips move with exotic gestures.
Gold chains glittering round her waist
hang to her navel, tantalizing
In surrender,


to the rhythm, mesmerized
by her sensuous voice.
The blend of grinding and swaying
captivates the senses, they fall full circle as,.


fires are kindled with her scent.
Her body glistens in the moonlight.
Her dance ends with soft tones.
her eyes gleam the ecstasy of submission.


Orania Hamilton