By: SilverFairyPest~

Walking in the cemetery on La-Samnah
showing great respect for the dead
for tonight is the night those
that have passed may
walk amongst the living
though there is nothing to fear
unless you have done
harm to the spirit
that is walking the earth once more
for La-Samnah is the day when
the viel between
the living and the dead
is easy to cross between
all the graves of those
that were never harmed
in life have their families
communing with the spirits
beneath the willow tree
is a grave that is unmarked
all that is upon the grave
is the Irish knot nothing else
though the grave is very old
no one knows how that one
symbol did not fade as well
I go over to the grave
I gently wipe way the dead leaves
and gently place a single
crimson rose upon the grave
I light a candle and do the blessing
my family has been using for
many years upon the night
of La-Samnah I leave the offering
I walk over to one other grave
as the rest of my family goes
to the grave I have just left
I go over to the only
silent grave for those
that are buried there
are only remembered
when the day of their birth
or the day of their death
comes each year but upon
La-Samnah they are not shown
any form of respect
they have no one commune
with them until dawn
I spend the night at
the silent grave
and speak with the spirits
that reside within the grave
once dawn comes
I leave them each a single rose
I leave one in midnight blue
one in snow white
and one in a lovely pale pink
I say the blessing and leave
the offering before
La-Samnah concludes
as I leave the sacred
grounds I do one last
blessing for all the spirits
as I walk alone to meet
with a friend for breakfast
knowing I have some time
to rest and relax before
I do the blessings once more
on La-Samnah