By: Voice of Silence~

twilights mystical magic

Thoughts occur …you once lay here
Head upon my shoulder as your pillow
Leg thrown over mine
Arm around you…gently touching your hair
Smell of your scent…taking my breath away
Wishing to simply inhale you completely
As you lay there sleeping… my eyes watching
Thoughts are GOD surely broke the mold
After he created you
Each ever breath you take..
Peaceful serenity upon your face
Small smiles even at times
Your lips at times seem to be speaking words
Could not but help speaking to you in your sleep.
Strange yet…you at times did answer back
I tickle your nose …loves way you raise your hand
Swatting at you know not what
Reaching down kiss your tender lips gently
Even in your sleep you kiss back
Run my fingers slowly over your body
You laugh gently in your sleep
Love, that laugh so dearly
Slowly you roll on top of me
Your eyes open slowly
You wish to play again..don’t you…she says
She grins sort of wicked like..this time I see
What shall we find hidden
I grin sort of myself also….
Then reality check becomes real
Opens eyes….there lays that old pillow
Strange time passes…
Yet my pillow still answers to your name
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS